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Serendipitous Journeys

After a lengthy hiatus Alpha Channel are back with a brand new E.P “Serendipitous Journeys”. Their first album “Exotic tales” went on a journey around the world, exploring a plethora of diverse influences and genres including: downbeat electronica, ethnic trip hop, breaks and loungey beats.

“Serendipitous Journeys” picks up where “Exotic Tales” left off; weaving an intricate tapestry of sampled and live instrumentation.

From the opening track “Squidgy” which recalls the wide open spaces of the baking Arizona desert to the steamy New Orleans jungle vamps of “Swamp Stomp”, Serendipitous Journeys takes you on a sonic adventure from the comfort of your arm chair.

Exotic Tales

Exotic Tales is the first Alpha Channel album originally released on Omelette Records in 2009.

Exotic Tales takes you on an eclectic sonic journey from the laid back tropical sounds of Taboo Island to the smoking hip hop infused harem of Arabian Nights to the swingin’ funky Ninja Tunesesque A Brief History of Music and Test # 1 to the deep cinematic sounds of International Jetset and Yonder Stars.

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